The City of Clyde maintains a Volunteer Fire Department consisting of committed community volunteers willing to risk their lives to save the lives and property of others.  These volunteers receive no compensation for their time and efforts, aside from the gratitude of the property owners and their families.  The fire department equipment is funded by the City of Clyde through tax dollars and any donations made to the fire department.   
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Clyde Volunteer Fire Department and EMTs

Volunteer Firefighters

Edward Rudolph

Rural Captain
Kevin (Pete) Bergstrom 

President Fireman's Relief Assoc.
Steve Rogers

Treasurer Fireman's Relief Assoc.

Daniel LeDuc
Kenton Brown
Norman Francis
Terry Koch
Shane Petersen
Allan Charbonneau
Brian Wilson
Devin Bergstrom
Adam Junek
Derek Drake
Jeff Koch
Nick Chartier
Eric Stenberg
Clyde also maintains an ambulance service with trained emergency medical technicians on call 24 hours a day to serve the needs of community members in need of emergent medical care.  Once again, these trained medical technicians are comprised of dedicated members of the Clyde community.

EMTs for the Clyde Ambulance
Abby Sikes (RN)
Brandi Peterson
Brenda Wilson
Cindy Francis
Derek Drake
Eric Stenberg
Jennifer Koch
Jessica Tatum
Makita Francis (RN)
Kimberly Birdsall
Norm Francis
Paige Beeson
Shane Peterson
Sherri Biery (RN)
Theresa Charbonneau