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Sidewalk Improvement Plan Funds Available for 2016
We also invite you to view our sidewalk ordinances that pertain to prescribed width, materials and construction. The City takes pride in its community and hopes that by providing this program to its residents, the entire town will benefit.
The City of Clyde has funds available if you are thinking of replacing your broken, damaged or unsafe sidewalk. A number of Clyde residents throughout town have taken advantage of this Sidewalk Improvement Plan in 2014 and the city has once again, approved funds for the program for 2015. 

The plan provides guidelines for replacement/new construction of sidewalks in residential areas. The City will provide financial aid to homeowners interested in replacing or constructing sidewalks.  

The City of Clyde plans to take steps to enforce the current sidewalk ordinance in order to provide safe sidewalks for its residents. We encourage all home owners to look at their sidewalks and, if interested in making improvements, contact City Hall or click the links below to read more information on the Sidewalk Improvement Plan and/or print an application form.  

Spring and Summer are here.

The City would like to address some safety issues as kids are at play.  Please read letter that will also be in our local newspaper.  

City of Clyde Addresses Safety Issues
  The recent dog attack on a local child has the citizens of Clyde concerned about the safety of their children at play.  
  The Mayor and the City council are also concerned and are addressing the issues; first by taking steps to get the dogs responsible for this incident impounded and to seek legal avenues to get the dogs removed from the city. Second, by printing this letter to remind pet owners in our town of their responsibilities while owning a dog or cat. 
  Several citizens have expressed concern to the council and mayor about why something was not done earlier before this attack. The city cannot do anything unless they are aware of the animal and citizens are willing to sign a complaint. There has been no official complaint in reference to these dogs prior to this terrible accident.  
  The ordinance in place in reference to dogs and cats has been published multiple times. ALL dogs and cats must be registered with the city, be vaccinated, and there is a limit of 3 dogs or cats per household. The point of registration is not about the money; it is to insure that the animals are current on their vaccinations in case an accident does occur. Currently the city has 63 dogs and 6 cats registered. There are many more dogs and cats that need to get registered. The city hall is open the first 12 days of each month from 8:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon and the first Saturday of each month from 8:00-12:00 noon. If you cannot make those hours, please call the city hall at 446-3300 and have a registration form mailed to you.  
  The other part of this ordinance that is not being followed by many pet owners is they CANNOT run at large. They have to be chained or within a fence or in the home. At no time, should they be let out without the owner’s supervision. The city has had multiple verbal complaints of walkers being chased, cars being chased, children on bikes being chased. This is not safe for your animal nor safe for others enjoying life in a small town. Also, defecation on someone else’s property is disrespectful so be responsible for your pet’s care.  
  Vicious dogs have no place within the City of Clyde and will not be tolerated. Many pet owners don’t think their dogs will harm anyone, but every animal can be vicious if it feels threatened or it is protecting its territory. That is why it is so important to be a responsible pet owner.
  At our April City Council meeting, multiple complaints were shared in reference to dirt bikes, 4-wheelers, golf carts, and small motored toys racing around town. The ordinance states that ONLY golf carts are legal and must be driven by someone of legal age to drive. They should have a safety flag and be driven slowly and must stay off the main street, highway 9.  
  We ask pet owners and parents to review these ordinances and to get in compliance with them. Spring time is here and children will be at play. We want them to be safe!
Mayor, Terry Koch
Clyde City Council Members: Gary Sipe, Wendy Genereux, Rusty Sikes, Edmund Rudolph, Dennis Streit,
City Employees: Gayla Rogers, Dan LeDuc, Pete Bergstrom