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Clyde is a rural community with hometown values, offering its residents a sense of security not easily found today in larger cities.  Neighbors help neighbors and individuals strive to create and maintain the best of small town life.

Clyde hosts numerous annual events to draw families, friends and visitors together to enjoy the simplicity of this charming rural community.  These include: Clyde Watermelon Festival, Homecoming Parade and Pep Rally, Halloween Parade and Hayrack Ride, Christmas Craft Fair, Holiday Open House, Christmas Day Dinner, Easter Egg Hunt, Volunteers Picnic, Memorial Day Service, Alumni Weekend Celebration, Slow Pitch Softball Tournaments and Golf Tournaments.

The landscape and wildlife of the area provide an abundance of hunting and fishing opportunities.  Hunters from near and far frequent the Clyde area in pursuit of deer, pheasant and turkey.

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  What's NEW:
Watermelon Fest 2014 is ALMOST HERE!!!
Join us Friday evening for the 1st Annual 5K Glow Run/Walk, followed by a full day of fun on Saturday with the parade, derby, dance and everything in between.  Enjoy homemade fried chicken, kids games, horseshoes, road rally, softball, fireworks and more on Sunday, and wrap up your three day weekend with softball and golfing on Monday. Visit the LOCAL NEWS page of the site for more details and the complete schedule of events.