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Clyde Chamber of Commerce 

 Clyde area businesses are invited to join the Clyde Chamber of Commerce which sponsors many of the fun social activities in this community, including the Watermelon Festival, the Christmas Open House, Halloween parade and hayrack ride and the Easter Egg Hunt. Membership is $50 for the year. The Chamber meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month at noon at The Barnyard. For more information, contact President Jessica Brown at 785.614.3813.
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Tax Incentives Available for New and Improved Property
The Cloud County Neighborhood Revitalization Plan is an incentive program which encourages and rewards local investment in real estate for all sectors – residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial.  A person or entity that increases the appraised value of their real estate by $30,000 or more is eligible for a 5-year rebate of most the taxes paid on that new investment.  The Neighborhood Revitalization Plan expires at the end of 2015.  If you are thinking about a construction or remodeling project, consider doing so within this time frame.  For more information CLICK HERE.
For detailed information on Clyde's  business district, economic development and employment opportunities, click a link below.