Regional Tours

Tours of north central Kansas offered by travel agencies include stops at the Toy Museum, the St. Joseph Catholic Church, and the LCL Buffalo Ranch. Tourists hear the century-old pipe organ at the newly renovated, former Presbyterian church, now part of the Clyde museum complex which also includes an old school house, jailhouse, and regular museum building. For tours, contact Cloud County Convention & Tourism at 785-243-4303 or

LCL Buffalo Ranch welcomes visitors to see the buffalo and tour the antique machinery museum. The ranch also sells buffalo meat. Call ahead to 785-455-3707. The LCL Buffalo Ranch is home to the Lawrence Foundation for Buffalo Preservation and Agricultural Heritage and is located midway between Clyde and Clifton on Highway 9.  
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St. Joseph Church Preservation

A nonprofit organization has been created for the preservation of the St. Joseph Church.  

Charitable donations may be sent to:  

Guardians of The St. Joseph Church Foundation
P.O. Box 301
Clyde, KS  66938